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By · March 10th, 2015

Gerald has been homeless for over 20 years and has been utilizing the Turlock Gospel Mission services and resources since it opened. Gerald and his dog, Molly, were hit by a car and badly injured. When Gerald was in the hospital and nursing home for weeks, Turlock Gospel Mission took care of Molly for him. When Gerald got out, he was ready to get off the streets and into a place he could call his own.

Through the Home Ownership Project, Gerald and Christian came up an agreement of a one-year strict case management program in return for the title of the trailer. Gerald worked hard and proved that he just needed someone to believe in him. Here at the mission, if someone is wanting to get off the streets, we are dedicated to helping them in any way we can.

“Nobody else was there for me, not family. Turlock Gospel Mission is my family.” – Gerald