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By · November 21st, 2017

This Mother’s Day we want to introduce you to Miranda. Miranda is the mother to three children including a brand new baby just born on April 14th! Miranda has been struggling on the edge of homelessness for the past several years after being evicted from her apartment.

Like many mothers experiencing homelessness, Miranda was very nervous about reaching out for help, she was concerned that if people knew she did not have a home her kids would be taken away.

So very tentatively Miranda began to come into the Turlock Gospel Mission Day Center, at first looking for a meal. Sometimes she would ask a friend to come in and get food for her and her children. But after experiencing the care and love the staff exhibited, Miranda began to open up about her life and situation.

Miranda has a place to stay but just for the baby and herself, the family has to split up every night and that is really hard to do. Miranda shared with our staff member Isabel that she just wants to give her children a home of their own, a safe place where the entire family can stay together. Isabel was able to pray with Miranda and continue the journey of building trust.

Miranda’s story is becoming more and more common and we know that families, mothers, and children need a safe place where they can be honest about whatever is going on in their lives and some help to find the resources they need.

Thank you for making it possible to reach Miranda’s family. Because of your partnership were here when she needed us and we are working hard to help her find safe and stable housing.