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By · January 17th, 2019

A place of safety.” This is how Jeannie describes Turlock Gospel Mission. After becoming homeless, Jeannie was desperately seeking basic necessities such a food, shelter, and clothing, but beyond that, she was also seeking resources to get her back on her feet. Jeannie found Turlock Gospel Mission through some friends and quickly came to realize it was the place she needed to get off the streets, to access computers in order to begin researching her next steps, and to make strides in her spiritual journey.

Jeannie proclaims, “It’s all about Jesus—what God wants me to do.”

She is one year into a leadership class and participates in Bible study every day. When asked about the future, she says, “I’ll see where God leads me; I want to work for the Lord and help people.” Jeannie was baptized in 2018 and is working diligently towards a clean slate; she is visiting the doctor and dentist, in addition to settling court fines and making amends in her relationships.