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By · February 2nd, 2018

Jeanna’s childhood was far from normal, she watched her father beat her mother on a regular basis, and at the early age of twelve her father gave Jeanna her first drink.  Alcohol became a way for Jeanna to cope with her family issues, and shortly after being introduced to drinking, Jeanna became a full-blown alcoholic.  By the time she was twenty years old she was breaking the law to support her alcohol habit and eventually ended up in jail.  When she was released with nowhere to turn she became homeless.

Living on the streets and struggling with addiction and hunger every day Jeanna was relieved when someone told her she would find a hot meal at the Turlock Gospel Mission.  At TGM Jeanna found a warm welcome and a group of staff members who believed in her, Brianna Fitzgerald says, “as soon as we met her, we made it a goal to get Jeanna on the path to recovery.”

After years of encouragement, Jeanna finally decided that it was time to get clean.  Mission staff helped her get into treatment, where she went though withdrawal management and enrolled in an outpatient program.

Today Jeanna has been clean for 7 months!  She has come back to the Turlock Gospel Mission to volunteer; her way of helping others who are suffering and show appreciation to those who never gave up on her.  Through your partnership we were able to help Jeanna and others like her who suffer from addiction.

Thank you for making it possible to meet Jeanna and others like her in their point of need!