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By · January 18th, 2019

When James came to Turlock Gospel Mission, he was in addiction, unhappy, and unsure of the future. He will be the first to admit, it was a low point for him, but since then he has overcome many challenges, learned important lessons, and offered hope and encouragement to others just as he was offered when he came to the Mission.

James recalls staff telling him, “You can be better than this,” and he surely proved them right. He says, “I knew I had potential, but they made me see it when I didn’t.” After a while, he began to volunteer at the Mission and gain work experience. He learned to appreciate and listen to his supervisors, maintain a positive work ethic, follow instructions, and be a part of a team.

James shares, “Every time I struggle, I think about what happened here [at Turlock Gospel Mission]. I want to take this influence and apply it to my life.” He has done just that; James is now employed and putting to use many of the skills he has honed over the past few years while continuing to be a helping hand and listening ear to anyone in need.