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Volunteer Application

Date of Birth(Required)
Community Service Required by Court
Let us know what days of the week and times you are available for volunteering.
Special skills, talents, or experience that you can share with Turlock Gospel Mission
Criminal Background Check Authorization(Required)
All volunteer applicants are screened through a National Sex Offender list, and a background check may be required. Do you authorize Turlock Gospel Mission to run a Criminal Background Check? (Please note that an answer of “NO” will automatically disqualify you from all volunteer opportunities)
Standard Rights Release(Required)
I give Turlock Gospel Mission and its approved agencies and individuals my unrestricted permission to reproduce, distribute, and publish all interviews, photographs, and video or audio recordings taken of me while associated with Turlock Gospel Mission.
Confidentiality Agreement(Required)
Confidentiality can be a life or death issue for some guests at Turlock Gospel Mission. No information about a Turlock Gospel Mission guest can be given verbally, in writing, or electronically to anyone else. The value of connecting and building healthy, wholesome, and Godly relationships between volunteers and guests/residents is encouraged. It is important that these relationships be developed carefully and respectfully, recognizing that many residents and guests are still vulnerable-emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically. Because of these vulnerabilities are often not readily visible. Do you agree to abide by Turlock Gospel Mission’s Confidentiality agreement?
Today's Date(Required)