Meet Terri.  Terri has gone through many trials and tribulations throughout her life.  At the young age of 15 Terri was molested by her aunt, three years later the same aunt introduced her to heroin.  This turned into a full blown addiction that continued for fifteen years.  Terri gave her life to God when she decided to get clean.  She asked God to help her get through her heroin addiction and He held true.  Terri has been clean for 33 years!

Terri is now 61 years old and is battling diabetes, being disabled and homeless.  She came to the mission three years ago when she was evicted from her residence.   Everyone at Turlock Gospel Mission loves Terri, we all call her Mama Terri because she is like a mother to everyone here.   Currently our caseworkers are working hard on getting Terri in to housing.  Please keep her in prayer.

“Without Turlock Gospel Mission I wouldn’t have made it” – Terri

Through your generous support we are able to help Terri and others like her.  Thank you!


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