Meet Sheryl. Sheryl is 56 years old and has been homeless for twelve years. Sheryl has had a rough life, her mother left her and her siblings when she was six years old and her father placed her in an orphanage because he couldn’t care for her. Sheryl’s father remarried and brought her home at the age of nine. Her stepmother routinely abused her, and Sheryl was back in the orphanage at ten. Sheryl has been in and out of orphanages and foster care throughout her life.

As an adult Sheryl had a steady job and lived with her significant other. After the relationship split Sheryl was not able to afford a place on her own and ended up on the streets. With time the streets took their toll, Sheryl was introduced to drugs and ended up with an addiction to heroin.

With the support of Turlock Gospel Mission and the City of Turlock, Sheryl is making an effort in getting sober. We are working diligently on getting her into a recovery program. Please keep her in prayer during this difficult time.

“Turlock Gospel Mission is my safe haven” – Sheryl

Through your generous support we are able to help Sheryl and others like her. Thank you!


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