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By · October 18th, 2019

Meet Ruth! Ruth came to Turlock Gospel Mission seeking to improve her way of life in many ways. Mistreated by others in the past, she was relieved to be welcomed with open arms at the Mission. She describes, “I needed structure that I was never taught growing up. I definitely found that here at Turlock Gospel Mission and I have grown a lot.”

Ruth joined the year-long Women’s Restoration Program and has spent the last twelve months attending discipleship classes, participating in recovery classes, working on her financial wellness, setting goals, organizing her belongings, learning vocational skills, mending personal relationships, visiting the doctor and dentist to ensure her health is in check, and growing in so many ways.

She has gained confidence in her ability to function independently and make positive choices for her future.

In her free time, Ruth enjoys photography and crafts, especially scrapbooking. She has spent time investing in her creativity and sharing that passion with others. She is seen around every Mission event snapping photos and documenting the activities. One of her most distinctive qualities is her trust in the Lord and her willingness to share this with others. She has had many curveballs thrown at her throughout the years, but always relies on God to lead the way. She explains, “I can see His hand in all of this. Without God, I would be lost. He has helped reconnect me with my family and find a place to live.”

We are SO happy to step alongside Ruth on this journey and celebrate her as she moved into her own place just this week. She has renewed relationships with siblings and she has an encouraging support system comprised of family, counselors, case managers, physicians, and friends.

By supporting Turlock Gospel Mission, you are supporting Ruth. Thank you for impacting her life and providing a place for her to blossom over the past year. Each day, we see ladies come to the Mission for the first time, just like Ruth on her first day—often confused, exhausted, unsure of what to do. Together, we can make a difference in their lives by offering encouragement, resources, and assistance on their path to being housed and restored.

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