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During Rose’s childhood she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a family member as her mother and grandmother struggled to find a stable home for the family.  Rose struggled with her identity and to feel love and acceptance.

Rose thought that she had finally found home when she met her husband, they had a happy marriage and began to raise their children together.  Rose’s dream life was shattered however when her husband was arrested and sent to prison.

Rose found herself all alone again, not knowing how she would pay for her bills or how she and her children would survive.  Rose began to couch surf in the homes of relatives and friends and fear and depression led her to begin using drugs to try to cope.

Rose has been homeless for over ten years and it has taken a serious toll on her body, she is in need of heart surgery and literally lives day to day.

One day Rose heard about Turlock Gospel Mission and came in to eat her first hot meal in a while.

Since then Rose has worked with Karen, her Turlock Gospel Mission Case Manager, to find stable low-income housing and to get medical insurance to help pay for her surgery.

One day Rose walked in the Turlock Gospel Mission Day Center with a small plaque that describes what home is, Rose says that “Turlock Gospel Mission is where ‘love’ resides!”

Because of your faithful partnership we were here for Rose when she walked in.  She and so many other just like her need a safe place to find a meal and to hear about how much God loves them!  Thank you for helping us be here in that hour of need.


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