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Rachel has struggled with relationship issues all her life and has always felt like to she needed to please those around her. Rachel grew up in a family where her mother constantly ignored her and her siblings, so she regularly sought attention from others seeking love and acceptance.

Rachel has been in and out of relationships since she was a teen girl, and since has been married twice and has had four children. Rachel’s last husband was very controlling, and constantly put her down. After a few years of marriage, Rachel’s husband forced her to leave her home town to avoid a warrant for his arrest, bouncing her from state to state. While hiding out, Rachel’s husband did not allow her to stay in close contact with any of her family, fearing that someone would find out where they were. To avoid argument Rachel always did what her husband asked, living in fear that if she didn’t what he would do. After being married for ten years, Rachel had enough and decided to leave her husband. It was at this time someone told her about Turlock Gospel Mission, a place where she could get a hot meal and have a safe place to stay out of the cold. Upon Rachel’s arrival she was immediately put in contact with case manager, Karen. Karen has been helping Rachel though some of her insecurities and is also assisting her with getting the assistance she needs to find a place to call home.

Through your faithful partnership we are able to help Rachel and other women who suffer from mental, physical and emotional abuse. Thank you for helping us be here for Rachel and so many others in similar situations.



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