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Meet Gaboreiea.  When Gaboreiea was five years old his mother passed away and his life became a nightmare of bouncing between the homes of relatives, group homes and foster families.  The only consistent thing in his childhood was the verbal, physical and sexual abuse he suffered wherever he landed.

Due to his mother’s death Gaboreiea was separated from his siblings and spent his young life wishing for a safe place and a for a family to belong to.

When Gaboreiea turned nineteen he was told he was too old to stay in the group home he had spent the last several  years in, and once again he was without a place to call home.

With nowhere to go Gaboreiea now found himself homeless and living on the streets, and that is when he first heard about Turlock Gospel Mission.

Gaboreiea came to the mission’s Day Center and met with Robert, a TGM Case Manager.  Robert welcomed him and helped him get a warm meal and listened to Gaboreiea’s heartbreaking story; but that is not all Robert did.

Robert began to reach out to his contacts in the valley searching for supportive housing for Gaboreiea.  Robert understood that this young man no only needed a place to live but also needed a sense of community, a place where he could belong.

Because of your support and generosity we were able to be there when Gaboreiea came walking into our doors and were able to begin walking with him on his journey towards restoration.  Thank you for partnering with Turlock Gospel Mission in this incredible work!


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