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Meet Larry. Larry is 39 years old and he is doing everything in his power to get off of the streets.

Larry is from Portland Oregon and when he was a child his family unraveled, his parents ended up divorced and Larry and his siblings each ended up being taken in by different family members.

Larry’s childhood was hard but when he was 27 years old he met a young woman at church and fell in love. Larry was soon married and he and his wife had four children during their ten-year marriage.

Then one-day Larry’s world fell out from under him a second time as his marriage fell apart when he discovered his wife had been unfaithful to him. This betrayal was almost too much to bear and Larry’s life begin to spiral out of control. While Larry does not struggle with addiction to alcohol or drugs the emotional turmoil of having his family self-destruct for the second time in his life drove Larry to hopelessness and eventual Larry struggled to find work and became homeless.

Last winter Larry found a temporary job with a roofing company in Turlock, just as things began to look up the job ended and he found himself once again homeless.

However this time was different because Larry found out about the Turlock Gospel Mission.

Today Larry is utilizing the services of Turlock Gospel Mission, he eats at the mission and he utilizes the case management and other job related services TGM has to offer.

Most importantly though Larry is once again hopeful about the future, he is searching for work and a place to live so that he can re-establish his relationships with his children.

Will you join me in praying for Larry and for the safety of he and his children as they struggle to be reunited?

“Turlock Gospel Mission is a safe place, I can be away from the streets. – Larry

Because of your partnership we are able to be there for Larry and so many other men, women and children!

 Thank you!



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