Meet Keith.  At Turlock Gospel Mission we have come to know Keith as a great help to the mission.  He is constantly offering his time and has shown great initiative in bettering his life.  Our staff and guests are abundantly blessed to have him in our presence.  He is positive, friendly, polite, and a wonderful example to the other guests.  We are all excited to see him succeed and continue his walk with Christ.  Read his story below.

What led you to become homeless?

“Lost my job, then lost my apartment. I came from a two year recovery program. After recovery I had a good job and everything was going well; I had money and I didn’t know what to do with it so I started using again. I have been trying to get clean and get a job to get my life back on track. My dad’s dying and I want to get my head straight for my family.  I’ve been keeping busy and staying focused to forget the people in my life who aren’t good for me.”

How did you hear about Turlock Gospel Mission?

“I heard about Turlock Gospel Mission from others on the street.”

Can you tell us about your companion Batman?

“Batman is my dog, I’ve had him since birth and he is always by my side.  He is very well behaved, and he is a gift from God.”

What are some of your goals?

“I want to get my life back, I want to feel good every morning and have a smile on my face.”

How has Turlock Gospel Mission helped you?

“They’ve helped me to focus on my goals. When I’m ready they will help me find a place. The staff all make sure I’m doing okay. They feed me and clothe me. Karen and Robert help me understand how to get better because they have been where I am. Most people don’t know what it’s like to go through this. TGM looks at me but doesn’t judge me.  Anyone could end up homeless, and be just one check away from losing it all.”

Is there anything else you think Turlock Gospel Mission could do to help you reach your goals?

“Turlock Gospel Mission has done enough, the rest is up to me. They have given me everything I need to get back on my feet, and they keep me busy. I want to make God proud and to give back to others the way that others have given to me.”



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