This is Jody.  Jody loves to volunteer and always has a great positive attitude. Jody is 57 years old and came from Modesto in 2015. She suffered from an aneurysm two years ago and many hardships in her childhood such as many forms of abuse. Her life has been nothing short of incredibly tough but her perseverance is inspiring. I encourage you to read her story and to appreciate the little things in life. Through her hardships, her hope and her spirit have become stronger.

 How did you become homeless?

“I was married and became divorced. I was working full time and I was the one who had to pay child support and my ex-husband got full custody of the children because I was working full time and could not take care of them while I was at work. I lost my job because the hospital I was working at closed down and I had been there for 18 years. I went to live with other family members like my mother but I couldn’t handle living with her because she wouldn’t let me do anything or touch anything in her home. I had a rough childhood growing up with her and I never felt loved or accepted by my mother. I left her home after some time and went to live with my sister for a while and then lived with my younger brother for some time in Turlock. My brother has my son right now but the situation over there makes it difficult for me to stay. I used to live in Modesto and moved to Turlock last year to the Gospel Mission.”

 Do you ever feel unsafe being a homeless woman?

“I never feel unsafe because I have a lot of homeless friends and we take care of each other. I have a free phone I keep on me too, so I know I will be safe because I can call for help. A lot of people will come up to offer me help and it makes me feel good.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“I have worked many years and I am retired now, I did attend school and college and almost finished getting a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I would take a cleaning job or house sitting job to stay a little busy. For right now I am trying to enjoy my life and go with the flow since my life hasn’t been great. I am trying to have the happily ever after.”

 How has Turlock Gospel Mission helped you?

“I get the best food, people come in all the time to help out, it gives me a place to stay and hang out. I get to use the phone here if I need it, I really enjoy helping out with the newsletters and offering to help with anything else I can. I enjoy making friends here, I enjoy the staff. This place gives me something to do and I don’t mind doing it. I also enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories.”

Since this interview, Jody has moved in with family and is now off the streets.  Praise Jesus!


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