Meet Jerry. Despite going through some unfortunate circumstances in his life he keeps a positive outlook. A few years back, Jerry was in the unfortunate situation of his wife walking out on him. Jerry lost everything, and he found himself homeless in Fresno. With no other options, Jerry moved in with his family in Newman. Things didn’t work out with Jerry and his family, which landed him back on the streets.

Jerry’s life changed when he heard about Turlock Gospel Mission and the Diversion Program. Turlock Gospel Mission gave him a safe place to go during the day, as well as job placement assistance.

Jerry is now 52 years old, and is currently employed. He has recently lost his mother, which has been very hard on him. Jerry’s advice to anyone in a similar situation is to seek help because it’s out there.

“The help at Turlock Gospel Mission is good” – Jerry

Through your generous support we are able to help Jerry and others like him. Thank you!


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