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Where We Are Now & What’s Next

Rescue Shelter Building

Building Updates

With your support, we have continued to make progress on Turlock Gospel Mission’s Restoration Shelter Project. The interior is taking shape with the sheetrock up, interior doors and glass being installed and heating and air conditioning equipment already installed. The next largest step in the process is the finish electrical, plumbing and the kitchen fire suppression system. Following is a list of the major steps and approximate costs.

  1. Cabinets, tops, backsplash, and hardware – $33,400
  2. Finish electrical, plumbing, HVAC and fire suppression- $112,000
  3. Kitchen Equipment, parking lot, sewer connection, concrete walkways off-site improvements – $186,000
  4. Kitchen and Bath Floor tiles – $53,500
  5. Baseboards, kitchen, and bath walls, concrete floor polish – $43,000
  6. Internal network wiring, security, and fire alarm – $43,000
  7. Final trim, blinds, fire sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, appliances, washers, dryers, ceiling, bunk beds, and other furnishings – $210,000

Yes, it does take a lot to construct a building and equip it. The costs of the construction project have been a major source of concern for the TGM Board of Directors but it has continued to be a source of faith and encouragement as Turlock’s citizens continue to support the construction of the Shelter. When complete TGM’s Restoration shelter will be the only full time, year-round shelter in Turlock serving men, women, and children. TGM’s Mission is:

 The end of homelessness through the restoration of relationships with God, family and the community.

The TGM Board believes these are essential to the restoration of those in need to be restored to productive members of society. But it is only with your help that we can do this. For more information on how you can help with the completion of TGM’s Emergency/Restoration Shelter please call our Executive Director, Christian Curby at (209) 437-5040.

For more information on the Hope Lives Here Capital Campaign, please contact Brianna at [email protected]