This is Arkesha, at Turlock Gospel Mission we have come to know her and her family as kind and warm spirited people. Our Day Center is blessed to have her in our presence and we are praying for her success and family’s happiness. Arkesha and her husband are determined to get back into the workforce, as they have just moved to Turlock. Their motivation is driven by the love they have for each other.

Where are you originally from?

“St. Louis, Missouri. We were there for 34 years and just moved to Turlock, CA.”

What lead you to homelessness?

“We had three homes lined up to move here to California. The house we were going to move into turned out to be a scam. We ended up staying in a hotel for about a month and we ran out of money. Turlock Gospel Mission was the first place that would take all nine of us as a family including my husband.”

What did you do before you became homeless?

“I was an A&R representative in healthcare solutions. I have experience in medical assisting, and home healthcare.”

What is the biggest misconception of being homeless?

“I used to think homeless people made a choice to be homeless, but it wasn’t my choice. I see that now just from talking to other guests that there are situations we can’t always control.”

How has Turlock Gospel Mission helped you?

“It’s given us a place of refuge, place to lay our heads, and I get to be with my kids and we are fed. It’s been a blessing to us. I feel no judgement. We get jobs leads and housing leads here too.”

Do you have any plans for the future? Any goals?

“Yes! I plan to get a house, and stay in Merced, CA. I plan to build a better life for my kids and bring us closer as a family. I also plan on becoming a nurse, and going to college in Merced.”

Since this interview Arkesha’s family has found housing in Merced.  Please continue to pray for this family.


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